Find out which areas we work in

Find out which areas we work in

Integrated Community Services

Integrated Community Services are responsible for providing multi-disciplinary health care through locality based Neighbourhood Teams.

Working in close partnership with key partners across Worcestershire’s PCNS, we are at the heart and are the heartbeat of the Worcestershire Healthcare system.

As part of the Ageing Well agenda, we are expanding or teams to enable us to deliver cutting edge, complex health and wellbeing intervention to people within their own homes.

We are significantly enhancing our services by recruiting to new roles to support people in their own homes through developing our anticipatory care, urgent response and supportive discharge functions.

We are looking for a mixture of novice and experienced practitioners (OTs, Physiotherapists, Nurses, Paramedics) to join are well established teams to take our service to a new level of expertise and provide the best quality of care to people across the communities of Worcestershire.

Primary Care and Community Mental Health

We provide Community Mental health, Improving Access to Psychological Treatments (IAPT) and Employment and Recovery Services for adults in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. We work very closely with GPs and a range of community based services. Our Teams have mental health nurses, psychological therapists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists , high intensity therapists, psychological wellbeing practitioners, counsellors, psychotherapists, receptionists, medical secretaries, team secretaries, support workers and employment specialists. We aim to provide clinically excellent, easy to access services to improve people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing.

The Trust is privileged to be one of twelve national early implementers to develop and test the new integrated model of community mental health care that ‘joins-up’ specialist secondary mental care with primary care in a ‘shared approach’. Also, the importance of early access to mental health services is long recognised and the Improving Access to Psychological Treatments (IAPT) will continue to be one of our key service priorities.

Teams are based in various localities throughout Herefordshire and Worcestershire which can be office based and working from home, and deliver services either face to face, using digital technology or by telephone.

Medical and Dental

There are over 100 medical and dental colleagues in the Trust working across specialities including Adult Mental Health, Older Adult Mental Health, CAMHS, Community Paediatrics, Sexual Health and Community Hospitals, both at Consultant and Speciality Doctor grades. In addition, there are trainees in mental health and Community Paediatrics.Medical colleagues newly recruited to the Trust not only have a standard induction but also a bespoke induction, including the offer of both mentoring and buddying.

Although support systems such as job planning and appraisal are robust, the culture of the Medical Directorate is not to micromanage colleagues. Innovative ideas are also encouraged for example a successful pilot of one of our consultants working completely virtually overseas. Research and teaching are very much encouraged (a new medical school will be open in 2022). 

A few quotes from colleagues include:

‘In Herefordshire you are left alone to get on with your job, appreciated when you do it well, and supported when things go wrong.’

‘Medical leadership here is pragmatic, compassionate and supportive’


Our Corporate team provide support across the Trust from Information Technology to Communications, Procurement to Finance. We offer a supportive, friendly, forward thinking culture with opportunities for professional development. 

Estates and Facilities

Our Estates and Facilities team provide crucial support across all our of locations. This team cover everything from transporting vital equipment to ensuring our wards, hospitals and offices are cleaned to the highest standard in line with Infection Control measures.

We have a huge variety of roles available with flexible work across our Estates and Facilities team.